Minneapolis School Request Form for 2020-2021

NOTE: This Request Form is for the 2020-2021 school year.  If you would like placement in a Minneapolis school for the current year, please visit one of our placement centers.

The online request form is your tool to submit your school choices. Requests submitted on or before February 7, 2020 will be included in the school request lottery. Before submitting your request, please take some time to explore your school options by typing in your home address into the Online Request Center. Schools provide information about their curricular, extra curricular, student demographic and testing and assessment outcomes. We encourage you to review the information, tour schools, and then request those schools you believe would best fit your child's educational needs and interests.

Families who submit their requests after February 7, 2020 will have their requests considered on a space-available basis. Please note that if you complete the online request form, there is no need to complete the paper form.

NOTE: If you are considering applying for early admission to kindergarten (child turns five between September 2 and October 31), you should NOT fill out the standard request form to request kindergartenIf you wish to request High Five for your child who will turn four by September 1, 2020, please continue the request process to submit a High Five request at this site. To simultaneously request Early Admission to kindergarten, please call Early Childhood Education at 612.668.2140 to begin the process or visit their website to review the guidelines.

If you have questions at any step in the process, please call Student Placement Services at 612.668.1840 or 612.668.3700